Aluminum Fence Installation

An alternative to wrought iron, aluminum is an excellent fence-building material and one we recommend to customers. Not to be dramatic, but, in a way, the lightweight metal has reshaped the fence industry.

That said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that a growing number of consumers are deciding on the fence type for their homes and businesses. Below, we’ve detailed several aluminum fence installation pros, and a single con.

Aluminum Fence Pros

  • Style options – No matter the style, aluminum fences can be manipulated to match any home design. What’s more, the fence type comes in a variety of colors to match any facade.
  • Low maintenance – Aluminum doesn’t stain easily and is a cinch to wipe clean, making it an ideal fence material. As a matter of fact, aluminum fences don’t even need to be wiped down most of the time; simply point your gardening hose and let water and gravity do the work.
  • Durability – As aluminum is highly corrosion- and rust-resistant, fences made with the metal won’t be damaged by the elements like their wrought iron counterpart.
  • Lifetime warranties available – Given the long-lasting nature of aluminum fences, it makes sense that manufacturers regularly offer lifetime warranties with purchase. We have yet to see a wrought iron fence manufacture offer a lifetime warranty!

Aluminum Fence Con

  • Fewer privacy options – The traditional aluminum fence has rather large gaps in between slats, offering little privacy. However, in recent years, a number of new aluminum fence styles now offer complete privacy.

Concluding Thoughts

Regardless of your fence buying needs, chances are high an aluminum fence is an excellent choice. With the only downside listed above being fewer privacy options, which is being remedied as we speak, the case for other metal fence types is a tough sell.

All that to say, if you’re looking to have a fence installed, aluminum or otherwise, our team at Mission Viejo Fence Builders would love to speak with you! Feel free to give us a call.

Aluminum Fence Installation
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