Chain Link Fence Installation

One of the most popular fence types in the US, chain link fences are found literally everywhere; head to a public school, baseball field, or general business complex, and you’re bound to see one.

But, while chain link fences are right at home in commercial settings, almost no one would recommend one for your home. If you’re considering a chain link fence installation for a public location like the ones listed above, however, consider away! We’ve written up the pros and cons to assist in the process.

  • Economical – Chain link fences do the opposite of ooze opulence; that said, that’s not why anyone buys a chain link fence, right? The tried and true fence type is affordable and come in one main style, with the main customization options being height and color.
  • Low maintenance – While the chain link fences of yesteryear rust over time, today’s can be purchased with a vinyl protective coating that stops the elements from reaching the metal.
  • Great for commercial use – As the ‘Economical’ bullet alludes, chain link fences are ideal in commercial and public settings where the goal isn’t appearance, but rather to act as a boundary line.

Chain Link Fence Cons

  • Lowers resale value (residential) – Although is probably isn’t necessary to have this con listed, it’s at least worth mentioning. We don’t recommend any homeowners install a chain link fence around their property; doing so won’t help the resale value of your home, and will most likely hurt it.
  • No privacy – Take one look at a chain link fence and it’s very evident that the fence type offers little by way of privacy. If you’re seeking out a fence type that offers privacy for your commercial business, a chain link fence isn’t the answer.

Concluding Thoughts

A chain link fence is a great option for a business or most other public settings. While the fence type has its downsides, those usually only pertain to residential settings.

Fence type aside, our team at the foremost Mission Viejo fence company is ready and able to install it. Give us a call today to get a quote!

Chain Link Fence Installation
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