Fence and Gate Repair

Although the majority of the jobs our team works on centers around fence installation, we also handle fence and gate repairs. After all, fixing something that doesn’t yet need replacing isn’t only better for the pocket book, but for the planet! We have experience repairing fences and gates of varying materials, including wood, vinyl, and different types of metal.

As an example of a gate needing repair, over time, wooden gates are notorious for sagging and in turn scraping the ground. It can be maddening to have to forcefully open your gate each time you want to pass through. This is something we’ve had the displeasure of experiencing ourselves!

In the above scenario, we can assess the hinges and other hardware holding up the gate. Depending on the situation, we’ll most likely replace the existing hardware and possibly add some additional hardware; this will allow the gate to open without a hitch.

Concluding Thoughts

While the thought of a brand new fence and/or gate might sound pretty good, its wise to first consider if repairing what’s damaged might be the betters solution. Of course, several factors must be considered in this decision; one such factor is how many years your fence and/or gate still has as a whole.

All in all, the first step is to have a professional assess the situation and provide honest feedback; this is something our team excels at. Whether it be for a fence repair or installation, if you’re looking for a fence company in Mission Viejo, give us a call!

Fence Repair
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