Vinyl Fence Installation

Let’s face it, when most of us think of something being made of plastic, words like ‘cheap’, ‘flimsy’, and ‘temporary’ come to mind. That said, a vinyl fence, made of PVC, is one of the toughest fence types in the industry.

As such, it makes sense then that the majority of homeowners today choose vinyl fence installation for their homes. While we’ve already touched on a couple vinyl fence pros above, read on to learn about others, and a con as well.

Vinyl Fence Pros

  • Durability – Alluded to above, vinyl fences are incredibly durable. No matter the area of the country you live in (we know we’re writing to Orange County residents in this case), a vinyl fence can withstand a great deal of what Mother Nature might throw at it over the years, save for acts of God, of course.
  • Low maintenance – Due to PVC’s durability, vinyl fences require very little upkeep for them to keep their appearance. A water hose and rag can easily remove any buildup.
  • Style options – As PVC is an easily manipulatable material, there are no shortages of vinyl fence styles; they can be as ornate or as minimal as needed. Adding to this, the fence type is available in just about any color.
  • Great for privacy – Vinyl fences are an excellent option of privacy fence; the slats can be made without gaps and the fence type can be as tall as is necessary.
  • Lifetime warranties abound – A testament to their strength and long-lasting nature, several vinyl fence manufacturers stand behind their products with lifetime warranties.

Vinyl Fence Con

  • Staining – Although vinyl fences can withstand most of what the seasons throw at them, staining from algae and mildew can still be a problem. However, stains can be wiped away with a bit of elbow grease and some soapy water.

Concluding Thoughts

Don’t let natural materials like wood or metal deter you from considering a vinyl fence for your home. As the above conveys, there are few downsides to the fence type, making it a wise option for homeowners.

If you want a fence installed by the premier Mission Viejo fence company, give us a call today!

Vinyl Fence Installation
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