Wood Fence Installation

For decades, wood fences have had a stranglehold as the fence material of choices for homeowners across America. With several wood species to choose from, there’s a wooden fence type for every style of home or business.

Be that as it may, technological advancements have made way for new and improved materials. While wood fence installation is still the choice for many, as shown below, the cons tend to outweigh the pros. For this reason, more and more consumers are opting for alternative fence types; we’re looking at you, vinyl.

Wood Fence Pros

  • Appearance – Most of us would agree that wood is beautiful. A perfect example of this is the eye-catching image of a wooden fence on the homepage of this site. With a good stain and high quality species, wooden fences evokes sophistication and class.
  • Application versatility – While we prefer a stained wooden fence to a painted one, they can be painted and stained to perfectly complement your home or business.

Wood Fence Cons

  • Maintenance required – If wooden fences aren’t regularly cleaned and re-painted or re-stained, they can go from contributing to curb appeal to becoming eyesores in no time at all. Adding to this, the cleaning process itself can be rather tedious.
  • Lack of durability – While wooden fences appear strong immediately after installation, the elements can degrade them rather quickly. As wood is natural, it’s very susceptible to degradation.
  • Vulnerable to bugs – Have you ever had a termite problem? We wouldn’t wish such a predicament on anyone. Wooden fence owners need to regularly be on the lookout for critters like termites.

Concluding Thoughts

While wooden fences are still considered the go-to fence type for many, education and new material types are slowly changing the way consumers think about fence buying. In our opinion, the beauty that is a wooden fence doesn’t outweigh the constant upkeep and monitoring wood requires.

Want to learn more about your fence installation options? Mission Viejo’s leading fence company is here to help! We look forward to hearing from you.

Wood Fence Installation
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